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Bid Sheet Resource

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This bid sheet is intended to assist in determining a client’s expectations and communicate the necessary information required to provide an accurate estimate from the factory. The Bid Sheet can be downloaded or printed and filled-out electronically or manually. Please forward the completed sheet to Indicom via email or fax.

Kyle Moss -
Don Eisman -
Fax: 817.447.2751

Service Request

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The service request form is intended for our dealer partners to communicate a service request for buildings under factory warranty. You can return the completed form to our Service Manager, Jackie Cherry, via email or fax.

Our Warranty

Our custom modular buildings are built with high quality materials, excellent workmanship and always within customer specifications. Should an issue arise, we will address in a timely fashion in accordance with our warranty.

Please click here to find a copy of our warranty.

Levi Porter -
Office – 817.447.1213
Mobile/Emergency – 682.347.8050